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Butterfly No1 first birthday cake

I have quite literally just photographed this cake! This morning, however I was still trying to decide how I was going to decorate it. Then just by chance the postman delivered my pile of post and amongst it were some rather lovely rice paper butterflies that I had ordered from a new supplier. I obviously couldn’t just add them in their naked state, so I decided upon embelishing them with tiny gold dragee.

I am so pleased with the finished cake, and also rather relieved, as the customer is rather particular to say the least!

For a better set of pictures see my Flickr page as the 5mb upload limit stops me from adding some of the better pictures.

-- Scrummy Mummy's Cakes, Almondsbury,

no 1 first birthday rice paper butterfly butterflies roses fondant flowers



Very nice:)

Joyce Nimmo

very pretty J:~D

Scrummy Mummy's Cakes

Thank you, very difficult to do any thing too different with this sort of cake, so I was quite pleased with the result! x


Sweet and beautiful.

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Butterfly No1 first birthday cake