Frisco Custom Cakes a Calories Worth Craving

Frisco Custom Cakes a Calories Worth Craving

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I am a stay at home mom of two handsome boys. I am a self taught decorator. I came into the baking world by accident and I fell in love. I'm more of a cake artist as I call it rather a baker.

June 7 2012 was my first cake. I called several places for a cake and no one could make us what we wanted so from there I started googling. About 5 hours on you tube and bame! I had a football cake, a baseball cake, and a rock star Mickey rainbow inside cake. Wasn't pretty but I got lots of kudos on taste! So, here I am. I'm 100%, self taught. Ive never taken a class. However I love crafty now that I'm venturing into more difficult designs.

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Welcome to cake decoraters! Hope you enjoy this friendly community of cake fanatics! :-)