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Cake Decoration #10: GANACHE & FRUITS - Fault Line Cake

Hi friends! sharing an easy decoration of a Fault Line Cake. I hope is useful…

Chocolate Boonbons #1: Pistacchio Chocolate Bonbons

Chocolate Bonbons Filled With Saracino Natural Pistachio Food Flavoured Ganache Created By Me to Saracino! An Elegant Treat To Share With Your Friends, Parties, Weddings Or If You Are Feeling In The Mood To Keep To Yourself. To View Full...

Cake Decoration #9: Rainbow Dash - Easy decoration

Hi friends! sharing how I decorate a cake with a Rainbow Dash style. I hope the idea is useful

SUGAR FACES #4: Fondant face tutorial...only 2 tools!

Hi friends! sharing a new face video tutorial only using 2 tools. I hope is useful… Don’t forget to subscribe and click the icon bell to receive all my videos. Thanks for watching and supporting my work.


Birthday cakes should be remembered long after they’ve been eaten. To make this happen, we can incorporate a personalised theme to the decorations. It is not always necessary to create an expensive 3D work. A simple object to place on the cake...

SUGAR DOLLS CAKE TOPPERS #5: Fondant face doll

Hi friends! sharing how to model a fondant face doll. I hope is useful.

Spiderman cake

Hello everyone! I made this Spiderman Funko pop cake for my son-in-law, he likes the Marvel world, so I decided to make this cake I hope you like it! HERE you have the video of how I made it