Silent Cake Decorating Tutorials

Frozen Cake Tutorials #4: Question???

I am editing the tutorial for this cake.. and wondering if you would prefer one long one(approx 30 minutes) or 2 shorter ones.. 1 for structure and 1 for detailing. Please let me know, Thanks

learn ways sketch cakes

hiw to scetchhi darling cakers,iam here by to Desperatly Begggggeveryones help,in order to become a bit more professional towards what i do and so in front of my client,i think i must know how to sketch a cake….please can you guys teach me....

Cat Cake Tutorial

Here’s a quick tutorial for “A Cat Cake” she said… “A Cat Sitting Up” she said… “Oh, And With Jewelry” from my posting. For full detailed tutorial visit "": The body was baked in a 9″×5″ loaf pan and the head in a...