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How to make Buttercream Harvest Flower Wreath Cake

Learn how to make buttercream roses, pipe berries and create this flower wreath cake.

6 Must Have Kitchen

Hi Everyone, here are the six MUST that I can’t live without in my kitchen! You will find the link of every piece in the infobox on my tutorial ;) Have a nice day! :)


Weathered Wafer Technique

Hey guys!!! I don’t know why it’s taken so long for me to post this but I’m doing it now :) Back in February I was making my entry for Cake Fest and wanted a very rough, realistic, and most importantly EASY bark texture. So I used what I had...

The Ultimate Halloween Cookie Platter

Having a Halloween party or invited to one? Create the ultimate Halloween Cookie platter! For this tutorial I will show you how to decorate three scary, yet classy cookies to design a fabulous Halloween cookie patter. Cookies in this video...


Five Nights at Freddy's cake

How to make a Five Nights at Freddy’s cake ( horror game ) if you like the videos, please subscribe for more content ( it’s free! ) and be sure to share the videos with your friends.

How to make Snowball rabbit cake

Hi! I made this easy Snowball rabbit cake (from The secret life of pets movie). Hope you will like it:)

How to make Halloween Buttercream Flower wreath cake.

Learn how to pipe buttercream roses, make chocolate skulls and create this gothic floral wreath cake for Halloween.

autumn bouquet

This autumm bouquet was made from edible paper (maple leaves).