Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

Romantic Long Stem Sugar Rose Video-Tutorial

Everyone loves to receive that inciting long rectangle box with aromatic rose laying on a pillow of tissue paper. However within a few days your delicate rose begins to wither away; you have three choices at this point to press them, dry...

Gravity Defying Chocolate Cake

I loved the challenge of creating my first Gravity Defying Cake. If you have the right support system you can create endless designs to make anyone speechless. The cake I am showing you is on a much smaller scale, so you may need more...

Sofa Cake Tutorial

Hi I made this tutorial when I made my first sofa cake and used it myself and it was quite useful so thought I’d share! Here’s a link to the second cake I made It’s hopefully self explanatory but give me a...

How make gift cake tutorial

Hallo! This is a tutorial for make a gift cake! I wish you like it! Thank you for visiting!

How make shirt cake

I wish you like this video! This shirt insn’t difficult! Follow me! sus!

Tutorial of castel :)

I’m make this cake for a little pricess, she like fables and Peppa Pig! Watching this! See you soon!

Victorian Days Cupcake Tutorial

If you are familiar with my posts and videos you know I enjoy showing a week of cupcakes, next a week of cookies, and a week of cakes; I want to show that any of my designs will work for decorating all of these pastries. This week I have been...

Rudolph the Reindeer Cupcake

How to Make Edible Markers

I discovered these Crayola Marker Maker refill packs while shopping with my kids. It got me so excited and bought it right away! Just rinse with vodka and use your favorite food colour. Hope this help solve the edible marker dilemna for some...

elf sugar paste tutorial #1: ELF DUKKO