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wafer paper flowers

I would like to share with you some tips for using wafer paper and make some flores. Also if somebody can share something else with wafer paper that will be great.

Especial bodas magazine tutoriales

Cake Lace Frames

After taking a Faye Cahill class on Craftsy I began using Claire Bowman’s Cake Lace and I love it. Last night I was making some Cake Lace designs for an upcoming wedding cake and I tried an experiment. I am quite pleased that it worked. I filled...

Hand decorated Cookies #3: Wood Effect on Cookies

Elegant heart shaped cookies with golden key. Watch how to make bleached wood effect on cookies using only one tool and food colouring. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Bib, Dummy and Converse Shoes out of fondant for a Christening Cake

After lots of reserches I found the perfect and most cute bibs designs on the internet and reproduced them out of fondant. I hope you enjoy them 😉 😉 😉

How to make Game of Thrones Cookies #1: Part 1 - Daenerys

In this video we’ll show you some very useful tips. For instance, how to apply dust colour on fondant, how to copy an image to wafer ( rice ) paper and more.. Hope you’ll enjoy it! Please like and subscribe!

Triple-Choc Strawberry Avalanche!

This one is a bit drool-worthy, with a triple chocolate hit and delicious strawberry sauce cascading down onto the plate. Watch the tutorial here and enjoy!

Sugar Flowers #12: How to Use Cutters and Veiners you Have for Some New Flowers and Foliage, 5 Tips... Hope someone finds it useful, or even gets the idea that it can be done, as I used to buy everything specifically for absolute ages! The foliage on the thumbnail is in Cold Porcelain

My baking adventure #1: How to Make Peach Sponge Cake with Fresh Fruits and Swiss Buttercream

Perfect cake for a Birthday occasion. A combination of sponge, fresh peach fruit, covered with meringue buttercream. Full recipe: Facebook:...

How to Decorate Vintage Pumpkin Cookies 🍂🍁🌻

I decorate elegant vintage pumpkin cookies,including a pick up truck cookie filled with pumpkins and grass!