Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

Grain tutorial

This is my way to do the grain! And when I had a lot of time, I have made them again, but this time I’ve made those ’’mustaches’’ a little bit longer :)

Making a Rose with White Chocolate Modelling Paste

Making a Rose with Modelling Chocolate Tutorial I loved how fun and different these were to make. I found chocolate to be much more slap-dash than what sugarcraft is. When you use flower paste to model your flowers you use very precise methods,...

Ruffled Topper for Cookies & Cupcakes

Quick and easy tutorial for sea coral!

If you don’t have a shaper like the one pictured in the last picture, just use anything that has a curvature like an empty paper towel roll! Thanks for looking!!

Gorjuss structure

This is my method on how i do my standing model’s, I like to assemble them straight onto the cake as i find it more stable. The legs are tyloed fondant i usually use a little wire to tie them at the top so they stay together if the body is a...

Fondant Tutorials #1: How to create a customized 2D pattern

Hello everybody! I’ve put together a little step by step tutorial on how to create a cut-out like 2D pattern made out of fondant which you can use for fairly delicate customized designs or your own designs. I have used this technique on the...

Fondant canes #5: Video for making a rose with canes technique

Hi, if you liked the tutorial number 4 on makung a rose with the anes technique, maube you like the video where you can watch the Whole creations of the rose. I hope you like it See you soon!! Laura

Simple Clouds Photo Tutorial

Hello all I’ve made clouds on two cakes recently and wasn’t happy with the first so tried a different technique. I’m certainly not the first to use it I’m sure but I made a simple photo tutorial for the people who follow my facebook page so...

How to decorate cake with different kind fondant ruffles.

Hello every one i made this video how i decorate wedding cake with different kinds of ruffles . Here is the links. Vertical petal ruffle tutorial for cake decorating Ruffle tutorial. How to decorate wedding cake with ruffles How to...

Sculpting with fondant #1: Sculpting a face

Today I want to show you a tutorial with the shots I took during the modelling of a face. I hope it can be useful for who didn’t yet try this :) The fondant I used is the Saracino model, having worked the face after standing about 30...