Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

Sending a Letter to Santa

I saw this Sarah Kay illustration, and it reminded me of Margret O’Brien in “Meet Me in St. Louis,” a personal favorite of mine! This week’s tutorial is inspired by the movie and Sarah Kay designs! The entire design was piped using a PME...

Winter Trees for Cake Decorating

How I made deciduous trees using chocolate, sugar crystals, powdered sugar and Rice Krispies.

MINION BOB Elf Christmas Cake Topper Tutorial Learn how to make this adorable Bob MINION elf receiving his Teddy Tim for Christmas! His cute elf onesie pjs are so on trend! SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel, to be sure not to miss how to make...

Wafer Pine Branch Tutorial

Supplies: Colored wafer paper 18 gauge floral wire, cut to approx 6" Scissors (or fringe die) Piping gel Water Brush Step 1: Cut 1/2″ × 5″ strip of wafer paper and moisten with water. Place wire on edge of wafer paper and wrap around...

Buttercream Pinecone Christmas Wreath cake

Learn how to make buttercream pinecones, pipe chrysanthemums and roses and create this Christmas floral wreath cake.

Christmas chocolate balls tutorial!

Hi! I would like to share my tutorial for easy and fast Christmas dessert for children :)

Frosty The Snowman Cake- Behind the icings #1

Last week my oldest baby turned 10! I asked him what he wanted for his birthday cake and he said Snowman cake! a real snowman that don’t look like a I waived my magic wand and tadaaa! haha I wish I could just do that but no this took...

How to make Elsa Frozen Cake. Cómo tallar una torta de Elsa Frozen.

Hello everyone! In this tutorial I share How to make Elsa Frozen Cake. It is a carved cake with chocolate cover. If you want to see the complete tutorial you can enter in my Youtube channel click here: ...

How I make evergreen trees

These trees are more for a woodland cake than a showcase Christmas tree.

How to make Christmas squirrel topper for cupcake .

Here some pictures , how i make this Christmas squirrel topper for cupcake.Everything make out of fondant. Click to here to see more pictures of my Christmas cupcakes with the squirrel topper....