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Tiered birthday cakes #2: Wizard of Oz Buttercream creation.

100% buttercream 2-tiered Wiz of Oz cake theme for March of Dimes benefit. Frost top and bottom tiers in buttercream. On top tier add 2-tones of blue for sky effect and smooth in leaving variations of colors… Outline...

Take Your Sugar Roses to the Ultimate Level with Wired Petals

Well, we finally are ready to take our gumpaste roses to fully open from open rose (the fourth stage). In the spray above I have one bud, 2 partially open roses, 4 open roses, and 3 fully open roses. To achieve a realistic fully open rose I...

Sweet Owl

By Torte decorate CAKEqueria ( )

Christmas cookies with fondant

This Christmas cookies can be both eaten and used as Christmas tree decorations. Here’s what you need cold shortcrust pastry mini cookies plunger cutters rolling pin with rings of two sizes silicone baking sheet or parchment...

halloween cookies tutorial #1: Halloween cookies tutorial

Halloween cookies tutorial Facebook link Website link

Halloween cookies tutorials #1: Coffin cookie

A very easy coffin cookie to make for Halloween night! :)!

How i make edible brooch for cake.

This video how i make edible brooch for cake & cup cake decorations. TFL.

How to make orchid flower out of fondant or gum paste.

This video how i make orchid flower. TFL.

Learn How to Create a Gumpaste Life-Like Rose: From Bud to Fully Open Series 3

This the third series Learn How to Create a Gumpaste Life-Like Rose. In the first two series we completed a rose bud and a partially open rose (the transition phase).On the last video we had taken the rose buds to transitioning from a...

Scary cakes & Halloween!!! #1: Walking Dead in buttercream!

I frosted a 1/4 sheet red velvet w/ buttercream and smoothed w/ very warm water w/ knife dipped in and shake off excess. * (tip) I also pre-spray lightly water before smoothing and knife in warm water. Center of cake put a...