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Watercolor effect on buttercream

Cheaper cake boards and dummies.

Sometimes the distance between the village, where I live, and the nearer town doesn’t allow me to get all the tools I need to make my cakes and sometimes I don’t find them neither in town. I always had to buy cake boards on the internet. That...

Halloween Pumpkin and a Cat - Topper Tutorial

Hi! Hugs for you all from :) !

Monkey Topper Tutorial

Hi! Here’s my Monkey tutorial :) I hope you’ll find it useful !

Easy way , Wafer paper rose.

Here how i make wafer paper rose, its very simple and easy. I cut out 6 circles , , then color only 3 , .(you can color any color u want ) Leave 3 of them on white . I’m used water for glue. Dip small amount of water , enough to dame the...

'Naturally Hardwood Smoked' Bacon Pictorial

These are my own step-by-step instructions, if you choose to follow my pictorial, you must give credit to me. Now, I’ve never eaten bacon nor ever made fondant bacon, so when I needed to make some, I had to look at photos of store packages of...

Sculpting a female with fondant tutorial viso e corpo in pasta di zucchero


Items Needed: Fondant Rolling Pin Fondant Smoother Cornstarch / Powdered Sugar Cardstock Paper of Your Choice. Make sure it’s embossed. Roll out your fondant about 1/8” thick. Roll out to # 2 if you are using a pasta roller. Apply a...

Easy feathers

Halloween treats and ideas! #1: Fondant slime gingerbread monsters

Super quick and easy tutorial showing you how to make some fondant green slime monsters. Gingerbread recipe can be found in the description box below the video on YouTube :) If you like the videos, please subscribe for more content ( it’s...