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Chocolate egg animals #2: Chocolate egg cow

A new chocolate egg animal: it’ s a cow!!! Muuuuuuu!

"Rapunzel tutorial" series... #4: FACE...

Very quickly, very simply - funny bunnies :)

Hello everyone. These are my funny bunnies for the Easter. Very easy and very quickly. This is my first tutorial, so I hope you like it! Thank you for looking. Best regards – Eliza :)

Carla's taartjes-Holly Hobby howto

hope you like it

A new sweet Blythe step to step

Party Hat Tutorial

Before you start making the party hat you need to print out the template on card stock and cut it out. Save it on your computer and with the printer settings or just pasting it in a program, you can make it bigger or smaller depending on the...

u-got cakes #4: how to make a basketball cake

u-got cakes #3: how to make a ATV cake

u-got cakes #2: how to make a ship cake

u-got cakes #1: how to make a cupcake cake