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How to make some cute festive penguins figurines

Have fun with it!

Don Quixote Cake - La Mancha Windmill #1: Part 1: Stucco-effect

I thought it couldn’t hurt to share how I achieved the stucco effect on my Don Quixote cake. It is a pretty simple technique, and to honest, I had fun doing it. Cover a double-barrel cake first in chocolate fondant, then in white fondant....

How To Make A Dragon Cake With Freestanding Outspread Wings

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How to- Seashell

Step by step pics show you how to make a sea shell using a cocktail stick and a boning tool. The colour of fondant is white and ivory. After the sea shell topper has dried apply white lustre dust for a pearl effect.

Fondant Tutorials #1: Using Tappits v.2 a picture tutorial

Equipment Silicone Rolling Pin Scriber Tool Icing Sugar Tappits Treated fondant (I use tylo powder) Palette knife / pizza cutter Roll out the treated fondant to 1-2 mm thick. The fondant should be nice and elastic and...

Learn How to Create A Gumpaste Bows on Gluten Free Sugar Cookies Card

I was asked by a friend if I could bake him a batch of gluten free sugar cookies. I have baked several pastries in the past that were gluten free (mostly bread and pastries), but I realized I had never tried to bake a batch of gluten free...

Beanie giraffe model

hope this helps someone please feel free to ask any questions i have tried to describe how i did him as best i could :) to start with i used my own home made modelling chocolate coloured with honey gold, as you can see from the pics i...


thun #1: Lela's Cake

3D CAKE #1: Dusty from PLANES (pixars)

TUTORIAL 3D DUSTY hello, sorry that is not the tutorial in English, when I have time I will translate, but I think the photos are pretty well understood. thanks ¿Que necesitamos? dos planchas de bizcocho( yo utilicé mi receta de bizcocho...