Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

Carla's taartjes-Howto,s- easy to make my horse

Easter Chick topper - very easy one

It was a boring day and I wanted to do something creative with my 4 year and 2 year old kids.. So, we all decided to make some Easter chicks cake/cupcake toppers . This is so simple that even small kids can make it. Each chick didnt take more...

Tutorial bow fondant by Sarah Kay Sugar

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Chocolate egg animals #1: Easter Chick with chocolate heart egg

Superheroes Minions #1: Tutorial Captain Minion

A Captain Minion tutorial. You can find it also on my facebook page and on my web site a PDF version. Very easy to Follow!

Tropical Flowers Hand Painted on a Sugar Cookie

Hand painting on cookies/cakes (either covered in fondant or royal icing) are edible works of art. You can choose to paint a simple design or ornately elegant complex wedding flowers. Almost any design is stunning to look at. Like most cake...

a sweet squirrel

Ruffle Rose Easter Sugar Cookie Frame

While having a girl’s day out with Sydney, we noticed a cake in the window of Hyde Park Jewelers, that appeared to be inspired by Vera Wang. Her spatular ruffle dresses are beautifully breathtaking, romanic and classy; which is the perfect...

a tender and sweet bunny

Flamingo cookie tutorial

These little Flamingo’s are so cute and very hot in the party scene right now. They are easy to make and you only need a few tools at hand to get decorating. These cookies were made for for their Alice in...