Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

Gum Paste body II - Mermaids body

Here’s a simple way to make a female upper body. I hope you find useful.

Gum Paste Legs with boots.

Sorry have been a bit behind in posting some of my tutorials. here with you.. Oops..- I made a video on gum paste legs for my Facebook page as a treat when I hit 7000 fans which took off and had many more request. Unfortunately can’t upload...


Rose tutorial for cupcakes

Bow tutorial for a cupcake

Roses From Piping to Full Blown Sugar Paste Tutorial

While preparing fondant covered sugar cookies to send to Sydney I realized there are several mediums, in cake decorating, for creating decorative roses. From easy and fast rosettes, piped royal icing roses, gumpaste fabric roses, to full...

Petal Dust Tutorial

Here is one of my first tutorials: lots of pictures but I hope you like it. What you need is your desired colours of petal dusts (I chose sweet butter and later, mixed my own purple with cornflower blue and burgundy) and a good...

Fondant Linen Sugar Cookie Dress Tutorial

Sydney has an amazing red dress, every time she wears the dress heads turn to look. Sydney had planned to wear the dress to her dad’s and mine 22nd anniversary. Due to her class schedule and her volunteer work she was unable to join DF and I....



The Making of Scratt by Celebration Cakes by Cathy Hill

Hello. This is the 1st time that I’ve attempted a tutorial so please be gentle with me :) I’ve posted it on facebook and it was quite popular so I finally plucked up the courage to share with you guys. It shows you how you can make the funny...