Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

Decorative Watermelon Slice

For a backyard BBQ or Summer Birthday celebration, a simple method to decorative watermelon slices. Enjoy! Tanya

How to decorate sides of the wedding cake or any cake.

Hello every one , i made this video to show how to decorate sides of the cake, like i did.Thank you for watching.

3D Lego Figure

I’ve created a few 3D figures now after having made two cakes that featured them and was asked by many how I made them. So I created this free, detailed tutorial which will hopefully answer most of those questions and give you some guidance in...

fondant face tutorial #2: palm tree and sun bed tutorial

Mickey Mouse topper

Woman face makeup tutorial

Step one marking pupils blue second stage filling the pupil colored third stage with white clarify the lower part of the iris Step Four draw a black point of the pupil stage Thursday we will go with black around the...

Fondant French Macaron Tutorial

Quick and easy way to make a fondant French Macaron… If you are like me and have a family member who is allergic to nuts, you will probably never get a chance to make these beauties. But there is a way, you can make a beautiful macaron out of...


Quick and easy gold coins/sequins

Much quicker than hand cutting little fondant circles!

How to cover a cake

After being asked several times to put together some tutorials I thought I’d give it a go…. So here’s my first one. I was asked to start with the basics so that’s what I’ve done… What I did forget to do was to take pic of the finished...