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Fantasy Peacock feather

Spring Fondant Frill Mini Cake with Sugar Pansy Spray

I realize the world’s most famous weather forecaster, Punxsutawney Phil, saw his shadow and declared six more weeks of Winter. I however refuse to except that forecast! This winter has been insane, with my daughter’s university shutting...

The Sugar Cookie Dress to the Academy Awards

EVERYBODY’S GOT AN OPINION. When it comes to the Academy Awards’ red carpet, that’s about 40 million or more will be handing down judgments about this actress’s ill-fitting dress or that one’s overly done. It’s enough to give both nominees...

Tutorial viso 2 parte by Sarah Kay Sugar

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Tutorial face_Tutorial viso by Sarah Kay Sugar

Pink Penelope Learn How To Create Characters In Modeling Chocolate

Creating edible figures for cake toppers is a popular cake decorating technique. Lately pregnant mommies for baby showers have been showing up all over the internet. Brides and grooms are also a favorite. There are many mediums that can be...

Simple Rainbow Petunia

I used modelling paste for these flowers. Mix 250g sugarpaste with 1 tsp either gum tragacanth, cmc poder or Tylo powder. Colours used: Wilton rose Sugarflair apricot/tangerine mixed with a little melon Sugarflair primrose ...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tutorial

This is a video showing how I made the head and facial accents to a teenage mutant ninja turtle figure.

The Explosion of cake Decorating Methods

The world of cake decorating has exploded with new techniques and methods. Over the past 25 years or so cake decorating has evolved, from simple cakes that were made mainly for flavor, to complex, multi-layered, multi-tiered delicacies that...

Very easy LOVE cookies

Here is the link of this simple tutorial I posted on youtube, to make cookies for people we love. I hope you enjoy it!!