Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

The making of our Valentine cake - Romance comics

This year our Valentine’s Cake was inspired by the old Romance Comics. When we were kids I saw my cousins who were in their teens at that time read these while we went, ‘Eeeewww’. Somehow that memory just came back and I thought of trying it on a...

Heart Shape Chocolate Bark

Hi Everyone! Today we will transform a regular chocolate bar in beautiful and tasty heart for Valentine’s Day, perfect to give as a gift to your loved one. It is also very easy and quick to make.

Cupido modeling tutorial

Hello! My Valentine’s gift to you is this Cupido made in modeling paste. Hope you like it! Thanks for following my tutorial!

Rainbow Sugar Lace Recipe This is an updated home made sugar lace recipe. And what better way to make some lace than rainbow! Let us know in the comments what you think of this quirky new take on edible sugar lace. The recipe is at the end...

Wafer paper Carnation tutorial

Find out the full tutorial on my YouTube channel

Cookies #11: Girl baby shower cookies

See video tutorial here: "": How cute are those baby shower cookies? Change the color for a boy! It’s easy Thanks for watching!


Love Birds tutorial

How to quickly and easily color wafer paper - stone effect

You will need: 1 wafer paper sheet, white color powder, black color powder, food alcohol, pearlescent color food powder (sorry, it’s not in the photo), a small piece of sponge, a cotton swab, black stamens, a wire, paintbrushes, scissors,...

How to setup an airbrush.

For everyone who still finds it hard to put together their airbrush.