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Tutorial face - Tutorial viso by Sarah Kay Sugar



baby shoes tutorial #1: Adidas baby shoes

To thank all my fans and to celebrate my new logo, here is the tutorial to create the Adidas trainers. For those interested in the paper pattern, send me a private message (on the FB public page) with ONLY your email address. Remember that...

Cupcakes - interesting way to decorate

I love this color combination, but of course, you can use your favorite colors and shapes. Enjoy! :) Vanja,

Sweet Little Chick Tutorial

Hi everyone! :) Very easy tutorial – hope you like it! Thank you for looking :) Vanja,

How to make fondant basket cake.

Hello, every one. i made this video how i make fondant covered basket cake. If interested you can watch it here. Thank you.

Flowers #1: Frangipani flower Tutorial

Flower Paste Orchid Tutorial

I love orchids of all kinds, they have majestic beauty. Depending on the size of the orchid (there are around 25,000- 35,000 species of orchids), they can be a filler flower or the focus flower on wedding cake. In this case I have taken...

3D Cakes #3: Making Running Shoe Cakes

If you have ever wanted to make a pair of shoes but are not quite sure how to go about it, I hope this set of photos with brief explanations is helpful in some way. Each shoe cake is on a piece of thin cake card cut to size. It makes handling...


For my 40ty birthday I decided to make a hat cake with EDIBLE ostrich feathers, but I couldn’t find a rice paper at my local store so I decided to use edible printer paper (wafer paper sheet) which is much thick and crispy than rice paper so...