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So we’ve coated and decorated our cake, and the time has come to write an inscription. This is where most of us will start to get butterflies in our tummies. We’ve spent so much time decorating our cake and we don’t want to ruin it with an ugly...

How to Make GumPaste Cup of Coffee | Cake Topper

Happiness is a cup of coffee and a really good cake :)

How to make a Trompe-l'œil effect.

For my contribution to Children’s classic books collaboration, I thought to realize a Trompe-l’œil effect for the inside of the house. I halved a round shape dummy. I carved one of the two halves, keeping 2-3 cm for the wall. Using a...

Christmas cake tutorial (Last year's)

Christmas tree tutorial (Last year's)

I did post this one last year. Thought I’ll repost it again. I’m trying to find the time to make another tutorial. Hopefully when the orders slow down ;)

“Winter fairy tale” Cookie Card

Modeling Chocolate Flowers #1: Thistle - Wired Modeling Chocolate Flowers

Attached is a tutorial for making wired Thistle flowers from modeling chocolate. In addition to using colored modeling chocolate, I also added color using petal dusts and a bit of the white Edible Art Paint color as well. No Cutters, No...

How to Make a Fondant Bow and Poinsettia | Christmas Cake Topper

I love sugar bows:) They can make any cake look gorgeous. Hope you’ll like this one :)

Sugar Flowers #15: Maggie Austin's Copycat Rose Tutorial This is my attempt at making the beautiful and unique Maggie Austin’s Rose. She has very generously given me permission to make this tutorial.

Hand Tutorial