Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

Carved Cakes #1: Mickey Mouse Cake

Don’t have a Mickey Mouse Pan? The Image above display just how u can create a mickey mouse cake from a love pan. Step 1: print out a copy of Mickey’s head and cut it out Step 2: laminate it, just so the cake’s oily patch don’t stain the...

Little Mouse Tutorial

Hi! I had so much fun making this little guy! :) :)

Puppy tutorial :)

How to make brussel sprout cake pops! :)

Brussel sprout cake pops! Don’t worry, they don’t actually taste like sprouts! :) If you like the videos, please subscribe for more content ( it’s free! ) and be sure to share the videos with your friends.

How to make little roses from royal icing

I do realize most of you know how to make little roses… but I have been asked on my facebook a few times, how do I make them, that’s why I thought to make a little tutorial. Hope you like it and it will be useful for some of you ;)

double cherry blossom #1: Gumpaste double cherry blossom tutorial pt 1

Hi all! I have a new video up, this time showing how to make my simple gumpaste double cherry blossoms as featured on my KonohanaSakuya / geisha cake. Part 1 is how to make the flowers, the second part coming soon will show dusting. I’ve used a...

Turtle out of Fondant Figurine Cake Topper

I love turtles, do you? I think they’re cute and never complain how far they need to go, plus this one has a special friend…. Enjoy _ Materials: Modelling Paste: Blue, Black, Green, White, Pink, Hot Pink Cake Desing Tools Craft Knife...

Sugarpaste Pinwheels

I’m sure everyone here already know how to make these, but just in case here’s a quick pictorial I pulled together: I hope you like it :) x

Toddler Tutorial

would like to share another tutorial hope you all will like it have fun with it

How to make mug cakes

An alternative to cupcakes? probably not, but these individual mini cakes make great gifts.