Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

Camping Cake Tutorial

I made this cake last year for my cousin’s birthday. Hope you enjoy it Click play to watch my tutorial More tutorials coming soon please like me on facebook and "subscribe on youtube ": ...

Filigree Butterflies - royal icing

Recently I have posted a couple of cake showing filigree butterflies (in cake album) .. I have often been asked how to make these butterflies and all that is required is patience and practise. they do not take long and always remember to make...

How to make elegant pattern for cupcake toppers

1-first of all you need to use those stencil or any stencil you have / would like , all craft stores carry those stencils ( I got mine from Michaels store for just 3.99 + 25 % off = 2.99 each ) 2-The stuff you would need as in the picture ....

Lalaloopsy cake toppers #5: Jewel Sparkles cake topper

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Hi I made this tutorial on how to model Nemo, hope you like it and if you do please like my page on Facebook aswell :)

The Tree tutorial.

I was searching the internet for the tree tutorial, but I couldn’t find one. So I decided to do it based on my own method. It is such an easy tutorial! I used a kebab stick brushed with edible glue for the tree trunk. I also used a PME veining...

White Chocolate Limoncello Cupcakes

DF has been going through pound cake withdrawal, as you know from reading past posts DF, my husband, LOVES my pound cake flavor combinations. He was used to having a different flavored pound cake every other week (he would have a piece for...

Baby shoes tutorial

A simple tutorial for doing these cute baby shoes You can ask me for template sending me a FB message! Hope you like it Karla

Baby Crocs in Fondant - A Tutorial

Baby Crocs in Fondant – A Tutorial Here is how I made the Baby Crocs. I have made cutters for them but I have provided you with the template that you can cut out from card paper and use as a guide to cut the fondant. What you will need: ...

Lalaloopsy cake toppers #4: Peanut Big Top tutorial

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