Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

Pansy flower

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easy ombre flower

i have to say that i didn’t come up with this design, a friend of mine showed me a pic of flower made this way but then i couldn’t find where the picture came from to give proper credit, i tried making it myself for what i could figure out and i...

Batman baby figure tutorial

Clicked some snaps while I was making Batman baby. Hope this helps some one. Ben 10 baby can be also made the same way.Enjoy !!!

videos #3: How to do fondant draping for cakes

DIY Snowman Cake Tutorial

With the holiday season approaching (quite fast) I thought it might be fun to share a tutorial on a sugar snowman cake. I was inspired by Alan Dunn’s Christmas Cakes (a perfect gift for any cake enthusiast). I knew the cake would be a fun...

Airbrushed Cornucopia Sugar Cookies Tutorial

I wanted to create cornucopia sugar cookies for edible place cards on our Thanksgiving table; only I found I did not own a cornucopia cookie cutter. I wasn’t going to let that stop me I went into my cookie cutter storage drawers and found...

Rainbow cake tutorial

Hello all, Took the pics of making of the cake using my mobile. SO, not clear. PLease excuse. I used two vanilla cake mix packets to make this cake. Separated batter in 6 different bowls and baked the cakes and later stacked with...

Barbie doll cake tutorial

The pic is self explanatory. Hope this helps.:) Please visit my page for more tutorials.

Medusa, a remake of the Bernini's one

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Bonus Sugar Rose to Ultimate Level: Adding the Calyx and Rose Hip

I you on the previous post “Take Your Sugar Rose to Ultimate Level with wired Petals” to add a bonus video: adding calyx and rose hips. Generally in a finished spray the calyx and rose hips are only sightly visible on an open rose or a fully...