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How to make a Mirror Glaze cake

Learn how to make this trendy cake with a mirror effect – a Chocolate Mirror Glaze Cake inspired by Olga Noskova’s creations. Mirror Glaze recipe:

Fondant Disney Maleficent Cake Topper

Hi Sweeties, This is my Maleficent cake topper out of fondant, I have made it some years ago but it’s always a classic Hope you like it :)

Cute Little PIG Topper Tutorial :) More TOTALLY FREE TUTORIALS at My fb page —> xx

Dr. Who chocolate bars!


Indominus rex topper (for girl only :)

Hi, all ! First , I’m self taught and try to do my best. Last week, i got request to make indominus rex in jurassic world cake for a GIRL..i though,,very cool ! but i’m very nervous. This is for a Girl, so i dont make it look to crazy,, Thanks...

How to make a fondant minion

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Treat pops! #7: Marshmallow Team Jersey's!