Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

HORSE CAKE TUTORIAL 1. Start from a rectangular cake , in this case , orange ( it is better to do the day before and let it sit on the fridge for less then Crumble ( also...

Gum Paste Dora the Explorer Tutorial

I Recently made this Dora Cake. I took a video on how I made Dora. I apologize that some parts are a bit away from the camera but I still hope that it will help some one with their next project. Thanks, Veena

How to make a Dinosaur Cake

I recently made this Dinosaur Cake for a birthday boy. This is the design they chose.. I took a video on how I made it and I hope it helps some one with their next project. Thanks, Veena

How to make a Baby Bum Cake

I recently made this Pink Baby Bum Cake for a Baby Shower and made a small video on how I made it. I hope it helps some one with their next project. Thanks Veena

How to modeling a women face

Cupcake Tutorials #1: Marshmallow Flowers

Here’s a little tutorial about how to make these flower cupcakes. 1. Start with some mini marshmallows. 2. Each mini marshmallow needs to be cut diagonal. You’ll need somewhere around 25 to 30 marshmallows per flower. You can always make...

Fondant Tips on Eliminating Air Bubbles and Bulges

A common problem that probably every cake decorator has had to deal with at one time or another is when a cake forms bulges after coating it with rolling fondant. This is an especially important issue when making wedding cakes because you...

Simple flower cookies tutorial

I hope that it is all self explanatory from the pictures, but just incase, i ball the flower on a flower/foam pad, use water to stick pieces on except for the balls (for these i use piping gel). Hope it is of help to someone! Sarahx

Pinched Sharp Edge Fondant Tutorial

Hi all! I’ve been so busy here lately I’ve barely had time to post but I’ve been keeping up with all of the gorgeous work being posted here! I created my first video tutorial and wanted to share it with you. I’ve been having problems with the...

Cake ideas #1: Preparing a snowman with a cupcake

Take a chocolate cupcake. Apply icing on top of the cake. Place a choco cookie and scarf. Cover the cookie with icing. Make eyes and nose with chocolate. Place a choco candy to make the hat. To read the detailed article go...