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Would you like to be able to post buttercream cupcakes to friends, family and customers

Hi Everyone Brand new to this great site and thought we would ask you what...

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Transferring images onto a cake

I read online that the only way to transfer an image to a cake is by using...

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Best roll out icing?

Hi, I’m looking to bulk buy my roll out icing. Can anyone recommend any good...

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Top tier wedding cake saved for a christening cake a dying tradition?

Has anyone ever iced a fruit cake saved from a wedding cake to...

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Question on Italian meringue icing

I have an order they want Italian meringue icing/frosting (not the...

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cookie icing

Hello everyone, was wondering if any one can help…. Can cookies be iced in...

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Need some urgent advice please!! Ref fondant icing and tiered cakes!

Hi everyone, this is my first time/post on this website so thank you for...