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I am curious if anyone has ever shipped cupcakes? I want to send my friend who lives in California cupcakes for her birthday, which is October 5. I live in Missouri. I know that icing the cupcakes, if shipping them is feasible, is probably not my best bet so I was thinking about covering them in fondant. Any suggestions or tips?

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Donna Tokazowski- Cake Hatteras, Hatteras N.C. ...

I have shipped cupcakes and I have packed them up and traveled 500 miles with them and I have shipped them.
I keep everything separate and let the receiver put them together. (I’’ve only done it for family)
I’ve made disk cake toppers to make it easier. I posted a tutorial a while ago.

I also packaged up all my goodies in a similar way and transported them 500 miles to celebrate my grandson’s first birthday. When I traveled with it, I kept the cake frozen in a cooler, then placed it in a freezer until I needed it (4 days later)
This is what I did for my grandson’s party:
I hope this helps,

Donna T.
Cake Hatteras

Jackie ...

Thank you. I’ll be reading your tutorial!I appreciate the reply.