What is your favorite fondant?

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Im wondering what is the majority on best fondant brands. I’ve heard Satin Ice is very good but haven’t teied it yet. I have been using Credipaste lately as its a harder one and with the heat, I can’t use Renshaw, FunCakes…it just tears when I place it on the cake. I have yet to try making my own….

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Sugarpixy ...

I use Massa Ticcino Tropical mixed with Wliton to stave of wrinkles and sagging because it is always very hot where I live.

Highstar8 ...

I make my own MMF. I think it tastes so much better then any store bought that I have had. Plus I can add flavor to it. I also add tylose to it to firm it up to make flowers or borders. It takes all of maybe 30mins to make in my kitchin aid mixer.

Love It!

Jenniffer White ...

I am a big fan of Fondarific and Elite by Fondx, they are my favorites to work with.

jose ...

para mi sodifer, pasta portuguesa, y muy buena de sabor

Chelle ...

I use Bakels , I hate satan ice , it always seems to create air bubbles when used by it self , I find I do have better results with it if I mix it with the Bakels.

Rachel ...

I’ve never used bought fondant. You should try making marshmallow fondant, it’s so easy! And like Highstar8 said, it tastes much better.

Andrea ...

Do you have a recipe for making fondant from scratch? I’ll give it a try….

sheilasturgeon ...

I usually make my own, but if I do decide to purchase fondant I buy Nu-Wrap from Caljava.com. Ne-Wrap tastes very good, as good as my homemade, and it’s very easy to work with and not very expensive.