Not receiving notifications any more??

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Hi everyone,
has anyone else noticed you’ve not been receiving notifications when people you follow post cakes?
I used to get a message when I first started following members, but haven’t had a notification for months now.
Does anyone have any suggestions or advise?

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Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

Yes Karen, I too have noticed that I am getting some, but not all notifications for the decorators I am following. I have missed many cakes lately because I wasn’t notified. Sorry to anyone who I may have missed leaving a comment on their amazing work!

Goreti ...

Same here

Elli Warren ...

It is happening to me to Karen, i still get notifications but not all them, i feel awful when i miss someones cake, but not sure what t do about it though :-)

CakesbySasi ...

ditto Elli same thing happens to me on and off. Sometime when I have time I try to go through all the people I am following to see if they have put is any new creations :-)

Michal Bulla ...

Thank you Ladies for letting us know about this issue. We’ll have to find out what’s going on. If there are any other members with the same problem, please leave a comment so we know how big it is.


Karen's Kakery ...

Thanks Michal for coming back to us on this. We all love this site, and spend a lot of time looking at the amazing cakes. There is so much talent, endless hours of creating amazing cake art, and so much support and friendship, so we don’t want to miss anything xx

miettes ...

I realized today that I am not getting all of them either, case in point, I follow one person who has a cake in the top 15 right now (that I just noticed) and I did not receive the notification for that cake!! This is someone who does not post cakes often, I don’t know if that helps!

Karen's Kakery ...

Interesting, could be something in that. I’m sure Michal will be able to give us an update soon x

Ciccio ...

Yip I’m having same issue missing so many too

Karen's Kakery ...

I’ve been checking closely, and I’ve not received notifications for new works placed this week yet by those I follow. So I guess it’s not been resolved yet xx