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I have a bride that is requesting a 6" cake with 100 cupcakes completely covered in fondant (wrappers removed). I feel confident in my ability to do this, but am wondering if there should be some sort of board under the cuppies, or if they are okay to do without one.

Anyone had experience in doing something like that?

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Becky, Greeneville, TN,


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Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

I’ve never had such a request, but I would personally use some sort of board underneath. Doing so protects the food from touching the stand. Ask the bride how she feels about it – you can always add a pretty doillie to protect the cupcake tiers.

Smckinney07 ...

It sounds like she’s confused with mini cakes, which are a lot of work! Charge accordingly. Are you sure she didn’t mean the hole top covered in fondant like a half ball? I would have her clarify-we understand cake terms but customers don’t always. She could think mini cakes are cupcakes. I’ve just never seen such a thing, not to mention it would be a ridiculous pain and I don’t think it would look very nice, even with poured fondant glaze. I think she’s confused.