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Twitter is another great place to share your amazing cakes!!
Who else is on Twitter? Xx

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Laura Loukaides -


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Cakemummy ...

Thanks Laura, I just signed up! Now have to figure out how it all works. Kath’s Cakes. :-)

Jane Stangl ...

I’’m on Twitter :)

Novel-T Cakes ...

Not yet but keep meaning to :) Can I ask, do you find it useful or is it just another distraction? Would love to know your views before I sign on :)

Laura Loukaides ...

Twitter is quite good to build up your name, you can mention
different people on twitter and if they RT (re-tweet) your photo or
tweet your cake, you could be announced to thousands of people!!

Karen's Kakery ...

I’m trying twitter at the moment, but I don’t really know what I’m doing yet.
Hoping it might get my name better known too.xx