HELP! how to make brown fondant

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I have white and ivory fondant and I what to make chocolate brown WITHOUT using chocolate. It is for a lemon cake so chocolate really won’t go with the flavor. I can make a nice taupe with brown and black. Any suggestions???

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Tanya Peila


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Joanne Wieneke ...

When I need brown fondant without using chocolate fondant , I airbrush it with brown or brush it with brown petal dust moistened with vodka.

Tanya Peila ...

Hmmm so here is a thought then I am putting fondant on the sides of the cake only to make it look like tree bark. Maybe I should go with the brown I have them just go over it with the brown petal dust dipped in vodka. I was planning on dry brushing petal dust on it anyways to get a darker look in the crevacies. Argh what did I get myself into!!

Joanne Wieneke ...

Oh, BTW, grain alcohol dries quicker than vodka….

Tanya Peila ...

What is grain alcohol??

Joanne Wieneke ...

alcohol fermented and distilled from grains . It is 95% alcohol by volume (190proof), also available at 75% alcohol by volume (151 proof), it dries so quick when applied. I buy the brand called Everclear. I think that not all state sells grain alcohol. If I need more time to work on with my colors, then I use vodka which is like around 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof). Hope this helps.

Pinkribbon cakedelight (Marystella) ...

Hi, Americolor chocolate brown with a little americolor super black gives cholcoate brown fondant