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Hi everyone,!
I’m trying to color gum paste to get this deep pink/fuchsia without any luck. I have used Wilton rose and Americolor electric pink but didn’t get the color I was after. Any advice would be very much appreciated :)
Pam from Sugar Pearls

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Goreti ...

Here are a couple of ideas I have found from different color charts: 1. starting with a red base and adding blue
2. starting with a red base and adding purple 3. add a little blue and mauve to bright pink. Good luck.

SugarPearls ...

Thank you so much for replying. I’ve asked so many people and you were the first to help. Really appreciate this. I’m going to try it :)

miettes ...

Hi there,
I have an Americolor Fuschia #127, works really good by not adding anything! Hope you can find it :-)

CopCakes ...

Slowly add a tiny blue or purple, just specs at a time. I had the same problem in may with fondant! The rose petal looks very orange to me

SugarPearls ...

Thank you for all the tips :)