Icing a tall cake ..urgent help needed :(

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Hi all,
I very stupidly said I would make a wedding cake for a friends wedding (which is tomorrow) I’m just trying to ice the bottom tier which is 6 inches tall ( I realsie I should have practiced before telling her I could do it!)
I’m struggling to ice it in fondant and have had 9 attempts at getting it on the cake and it just keeps splitting and tearing. I don’t know if the warm weather is making it worse and the icing is drying out really quickly.

I wondered if anyone had any tips or advice on this? Many thanks Zoe

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Sweet Blossom Cakes ...

Please don’t despair. Roll out your icing thick and cover it. I find with birdcage cakes too, I always roll out the icing thicker and this way it doesn’t tear. Sameera from Sweet Blossom Cakes https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sweet-Blossom-Cakes/343118239063735

Bliss Pastry ...

If you have some glycerin add some of that and it should help. Otherwise I would suggest rolling it a bit thicker than normal. Or you can use a ribbon to measure how big around your cake is then use the ribbon to measure out a long rectangle of fondant then dust that with cornstarch, roll it around a flat ended rolling pin or thick dowel, don’t roll it up tight though, then stand the pin upright and wrap the fondant around the cake. Make the height maybe 8 inches so that you can pull up the edges to cover the top edge of your cake. You can cut a circle of fondant to fill that and your next tier should hide it. You will have a seam in the back so will need to add something to the design to hide that possibly. Good luck!

Lize van den Heever ...

If your fondant gets too soft due to heat, try kneading in a little CMC/gum trag to help stabilize it. Also, if you fondant seems too dry or it is cracking, knead in a bit of white vegetable fat (Trex/Holsum), and like Sameera said above, roll your fondant a little thicker than usual, it will help keep it from tearing. Just take a deep breath, and go slow and steady, you will get it!

Zoe's Fancy Cakes ...

Thank you all that’s really helpful as I was starting to panic! I put some flower paste in with it and rolled it thinker a d it’s worked, all it’s not the neatest of cakes. Think ill have to hide some bits with sugar flowers. Thanks zoe

Jenniffer White ...

That’s what sugar flowers are for!! ;-) Seriously, best of luck on your cake!!

June ...

Hi Zoe, take a look at Sharon Wee’s blog, it’s a god send when covering tall cakes xx http://weelovebaking.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/ask-me-anything-post-6.html

Rachel Nickson ...

I’m not sure if this would help – but I would recommend doing the sides first and then the top – you can hide the join if its too obvious with the second tier.

What a beauty it will be when it’s finished! Its good to do these things to challenge ourselves and remember, usually, we’re our own worst critics :)

I hope she has a lovely wedding day!

Zoe's Fancy Cakes ...

Thank you everyone for your help! its been really useful. Thank you for the link Made in cake!
I’ve added a picture of the cake if anyone wants to see it. Not sure how I attach it to this message but its in my cake pictures. I’m new to this…so dont be expecting anything too fancy from my cake :)

Ansa ...

Also, for next time, try this recipe for fondant. It really is awesome!


Zoe's Fancy Cakes ...

Thank you Ansa :)