Wedding fairs. Should I get a stall at one?

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I’m just wondering what people think to having a stand at a wedding fair. I’ve never done one before and would a stand at the gay wedding show in leeds. The stands there are expensive (£900 for a 6ft table). Has anyone done a wedding fair (especially a gay one) and what was it like?

Many thanks

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Smckinney07 ...

Well, I’ve never done one specifically for homosexuals. They are expensive but you have to look at them as an investment, depending on your prices if you book just two cakes you’ve made back your initial fee. It’s a great way to network with other vendors, customers, and it gets your name out there. They usually run an add in the newspaper, several websites, etc. At the end the coordinator will give you a list of names from everyone who came, I sent out thank you emails to everyone. Also another good thing to do is have a drawing at your table, have people write down their emails, addresses, date, etc. you can give out several small coupons that almost guarantees you an order if they like your work! Honestly, I would think a Wedding Fair for same sex couples will guarantee more bookings then a regular Bridal Show due to the fact that the laws have been amended for same sex couples.

Zoe's Fancy Cakes ...

Thank you, thats helpful. While i’ve spent time deciding what to do they have droped the price of the stand today so its a bit more afordable :)

The Clever Little Cupcake Company ...

That seems awfully expensive! Usually the national shows are about that price. I tend not to spend more than £150 for a wedding show, and I do two or three at a time, twice a year. Sometimes the smaller venues have a good footfall of local brides getting married. The cheapest one was £50, and I got loads of weddings out of it, and decent ones too (it’s not a skanky dive, it’s quite upmarket!!).

They definitely get your name out there, and bring in more weddings than normal. I didn’t do many last year, and I have really felt it this year. Got plenty booked in for next year though.

Amanda x