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Hello cake decorators!

I’ve been having the urge to make balancing figurines (on top of each other, on a ball, etc.) but don’t know where to start. Are the figures supported by thick wires or sticks?

Any tips would be appreciated! :)

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Jayne, Malaysia ~ I


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Xclusive ...

Try posting a picture of what you are trying to achieve, then it will be easier to advice you or suggest helpful tips.

Miranda ...

Depending on what you are wanting to stack I would use long wooden skewers or long lollipops. You would want thicker sticks to hold heavy objects. The heavier the object on top the thicker diameter of stick you would need. It also depends on whether the object has to be edible in the end. If not wire wrapped and twisted together can be strong but you would need a very thick guage to be stable. Generally wire is best for arms etc where lots of weight is not place on it.

Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop ...

I agree with Miranda, wooden skewers running through the objects are key but you have to make sure they are vertically stable too. For example, I recently made a circus cake with an elephant balancing on a ball with a number balancing on his nose. I put wire through his nose and the number. I put a wood skewer through the entire elephant, down one leg, into the ball, and 4" longer to fit into the cake. Only problem, it turned out too big to fit it on the cake so I had to cut the skewer off and glue him to the fondant board, so he lost his stability and I had to kind of lean/glue him to the side of the cake to keep him straight up. I’m sure you’ll plan better than I did :-). good luck.

Pauline Soo (Polly) - Pauline Bakes The Cake! ...

Ooh… I am addicted to balancing figurines! I use wooden skewers (satay sticks) for support. You have to poke at least 3 to 4 inches into the cake for stability. So far I only found 8 inch skewers and so I am limited to only two figurines on top of the cake. Anybody know where I can get longer ones?