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Hi everyone! I’m an 18 year old self taught cake decorator and I’ve been asked to make 2 round black weights for someone who loves to work out. The cake is for 20 people. Only issue is i don’t know where to start, i can’t find any cake examples or tutorials, any advice? Please and thank you.

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Shawn Boswell ...

If you Google “dumbbell cake pics” it brings up many examples. And at the top there are also links on “How to make” click there and it will show you.


nelle ...

Thank you so much! I’ve managed to find some examples, just needsome advice on how to make it should i bake a 10" round and cut in two and cover separate?

Karen MacFadyen ...

Would it look more realistic with a couple of weights at each end? I would judge how thick a weight in the gym is and then decide whether one cake split in two would be fine – or whether you needed to bake two (or even four if you decided to go for the two weights on each end, with the smaller one on the outside. That is how I would do it. Kx