How to Acheive Burnt Orange for Gumpaste Flowers

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I have to dust parts of some white stargazer lilies burnt orange and was wondering how to acheive burnt orange in petal dust? Here is the photo of the shade of burnt orange.

I purchased two jars of CK Flame petal dust as suggested by one of the workers in the cake supply store in my area. I tested it on some white frangipanis, only to discover that it is not burnt orange. The colour looks somewhat like red/orange. Felt like I wasted my money.

I do not have access to an airbrush machine as the colour in this photo looks like an airbrush colour.

Also, how do you insert stargazer lilies on a cake? The cake is a three tier cake with the lilies cascading. Do you just insert them in the cake, or does the lilies have to be covered with something first before being inserted in the cakes?


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Peggy ...

You can start off with dusting the flowers with lemon yellow petal dust and then dust over that with ruby red petal dust starting from the edges inwards. Hope this helps