Healthy Blueberry Flapjack recipe

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Do you know one of the benefits of blueberry is its highest total antioxidant capacity? Here i am sharing a nice recipe.

*Blueberry Flapjack – For 12 people *

*Ingredients Required *

1. 175g golden syrup
2. 175g butter
3. 350g porridge oats
4. 175g soft brown sugar
5. 80g fresh blueberries

*Method *

1. Heat your oven at 150C/300F/Gas 2 and line baking tin of 20cm/8in with baking paper.
2. Melt butter in a medium sized pan over low heat or in microwave.
3. Dip a brush in butter and brush the tin with it. Follow this up by lining the tin with baking or grease proof paper.
4. Add sugar and golden syrup to butter and then apply heat. As soon as sugar gets dissolved and butter melts down, remove pan from heat and stir in porridge oats.
5. Pack this mixture into a baking tin and then squash it down.
6. Add fresh blueberries on top of flapjack and then press it down flat.
7. Bake all these ingredients in the oven for forty minutes.
8. After they are cooked, remove them from oven, allow it to cool for fifteen minutes and then cut it off into twelve yummy sticky squares.

Source: secret recipe

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