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I’ve recently encountered another cake decorator in my area that not only under cuts everyone’s prices so bad that when baking from scratch you can’t even buy the ingredients for that price. I think if she can make a cake for that price then great do it, but what’s really bad is that she has stolen cake pics from all over the net and claiming them as her own when in reality her cakes aren’t even close to her stolen ones. I guess my question is how do you compete with the prices there is no way I can, and on top of that being a decorator myself and knowing what pride and hard work goes into a cake, why would you still someone else hard work and claim it. It’s not right.


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Cakes By Heather Jane ...

Stick to your guns and carry on!
Bad news spreads faster than good so once she has produced a few below standard cakes the word will soon get around.
Just be pleasant, helpful and friendly and that will win in the end.
Sneakiness is ugliness xx

Natalie King ...

We’ve had a similar experience in our town, except we have a decorator bad mouthing other decorators to get business and stealing the customers from Facebook pages of others! When I set up my business I decide my prices and I was worried that they were a little high, but a good friend told me that there is something reassuring about things being a little expensive. In our town now I’m one of the most expensive and I’m fully booked every week! There will always be customers for all of us, they all have different budgets. The lady undercutting prices will soon run out of money to have a successful business and people will soon realise that she can’t make cakes to the standard she is portraying. Keep your head down, make beautiful honest cakes and the work will come x

Venelyn G. Bagasol ...

I am with Heather Jane and Natalie…they’re right!
Always be humble and maintain your standards.
People say I have expensive cakes but I assure them
that they are paying for the quality and not the quantity.

At least my satisfied customers will always tell me what a delicious cake I made for them.
That’s more than inspiring, and that keeps me rooted and not with an inflated ego.

Emily Herrington ...

Don’t forget to watermark your photos!

Julia Dixon ...

thats bad when a person doesnt acknowledge the original cake artists work. water marking is good, im sure he work will show that its not as good as the stolen photos people will learn its fake. you should share the real artist site to the photo if you know and ask for a photo to be removed if its not thiers