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I recently purchased a airbrush machine but I’m super scared to use it. Excited but scared lol. How can I achieve this effect on a cake?

The customer wants the colors turquoise and fushcia instead. I’m thinking that airbrushing would be easier but I dont know. If I were to do the color effect with fondant how would I do it?


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The Clever Little Cupcake Company ...


I don’t own an airbrush, but I achieved the look by brushing on petal dusts:

I let the fondant set a while before brushing it on with a fat soft brush.

Amanda x

MzCuteCupcakes ...

Wow that looks amazing Amanda. I think I’ll try this method instead.

The customer wants fuchsia and turquoise so which color should I use for the base and which one should I brush on with the petal dust?

The Clever Little Cupcake Company ...

Hmm, I’m not sure – you could end up with purple if you’re not careful.

Try it on a little piece before you commit to the whole cake. Just roll a little out and let it dry before brushing on the dust.

I think I would go with a turquoise cake and fuschia dust.

Good luck!

Amanda x

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

I would agree with Amanda. It would be easier to have the lighter color as your fondant and dust the darker. Hence Turquoise cake with fuschia dust.

MzCuteCupcakes ...

Thanks ladies, I’ll do just that. In the mean time I’ll have to get some practice in with my new airbrush machine :-)

Miranda ...

There are excellent tutorials on youtube. There is an airbrush one by Krazy Kool Cakes that would be a lot of help for this effect.

MzCuteCupcakes ...

I’m super late but CleverLittleCupcake I followed your advice with the luster dust and I think the cake came out great! Thanks for the tip! Needless to say I’m still too scared to use my new airbrush machine lol

Here are some pics of the Lion King cake that I did using the luster effect:

Jenniffer White ...

Don’t be afraid of that airbrush! Get it out and use it!! Get yourself a cheap coloring book and practice on it. Or just practice on some paper towels.

James99 ...

Not sure where you’re based, but if you’re in the UK and you’re still daunted as I’m writing this, we still have places in our airbrushing class this Wednesday. We’re just south of London.