Do I bring a gift?

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If I am the cake decorator and I am invited to the wedding, do I bring a gift? I don’t think I would be invited if I wasn’t doing the cake. I didn’t charge her for delivery and setup.

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Bubba's cakes ...

Are they paying for the cake tho? X

Kristi ...

Yes, they are paying for the cake. I gave them a 10% discount on the cake and didn’t charge a delivery or setup fee.

Happy ...

Hmmmm…good question. I have the same dilemma coming up next month so I’m interested in the replies. I am actually going to charge full price for my cake though because I gifted them a baby shower cake a couple months ago.

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

I would say yes you have to bring a gift if they are paying for the cake. The cake is not being considered your gift. Even if you decided to give them a 10% discount and no delivery charge.

Did you decide to give them these discounts before or after you were invited as a guest?

Essentially Cakes ...

I have a similar dilemma for tomorrow. Have been invited to a combined christening and 1st birthday party to deliver and set up cakes I have made. I have finally decided to just take a card as have put too much time and effort into cakes to go shopping for gifts too (also relatives, so massive discount for 20" fruit and 2 tier sponge)

Kathy's Little Cakery ...

If you hadn’t been invited to the wedding would they still have gotten the discount and free delivery? If the answer is yes, then buy a gift.

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

I would bring a gift -you could always give them a gift certificate for a cake to be use at their next event as a married couple!