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Hi everyone, for years my husband and i have made all our own special occasion cakes and i have offered to make my brother his wedding cake in october, however i am now slightly worried as i realise how perfect it will have to be, i have never made flowers characters etc so really need some quick advice. my sister in law wants it simple, white, cream champagne colours etc, and not too much fuss, but i still want it wonderful. also if i use dowling can i have the top tier on a 3 stacked cake to be fruit as not many people want fruit so it makes sense that the smallest cake would be fruit however i dont want it to sink, thank you everyone for reading and for any help

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GrannyM ...

October this year? If so don’t try to do things that wont come off perfect this photo will be in their album, do concentrate at what you can do and work the design round it. Don’t say you can provide a service you haven’t the experience to deliver. Can you do a flawless finish on a cake?. Cakes can be stacked in any form al long as dowels . Or you could make the fruit cake a kitchen cutting cake that would take one worry away
. Im assuming your in the UK? I think America has more filling and then I wouldn’t be sure of a fruit top tier