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Hi fellow bakers, i have a question for you.. Can anyone tell what pans i would to make an 18 wheeler cake?? I welcome any suggestions on the prep of the cake as well.. Thank you for your help..

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Jenniffer White ...

I have done a couple of couple of 18-wheeler cakes. I start almost all of my sculpted cakes with sheet cakes. Then I can cut them how I want. If you have the time, I would highly recommend Mike MCCarey’s Cakenology Vol 1: Car Cakes video. It is instrumental in making good vehicle cakes.

Here’s a picture of an 18-wheeler I did I long time ago. I was fairly proud of it then, but I look at it now and see lots of room for improvement:

I did one a little more recently, but the child didn’t want the trailer, just bundles. It still shows how you would design it though: