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Hi there. I’m new to the site, but happy to see a place to talk about cakes! I am making a 3-tier cake this summer; 16", 12" and 8". According to a site I found, I would need 15lbs. I was reading the 5 lb box of Wilton and it says it will cover a 10", 8" and 6". In my head that would mean 2 boxes would work for me which is 10 lbs. Any suggestions?


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MsGF ...

I was taught that a good rule of thumb was this:

8" cake needs 800 grams of fondant to cover
12" cake would need 1200 grams of fondant to cover
16" cake would need 1600 grams to cover it

There are 500 grams to a lb. So 1600 + 1200 + 800 = 3600

3600 divided by 500 = 7.2

So I would estimate that you would need 7.2 lbs of fondant to cover all 3 cakes.

I always like to have extra so I’d be sure to have 7.5 – 8 lbs on hand, in the appropriate colour(s).

I hope this makes sense. Sorry for the math lesson. But this easy method for calculating has never failed me.

If your tiers are taller than the standard 4" add a bit extra. If your tiers are double barrel add each tier as 2 cakes.

Good luck and have an awesome day.

Emily Herrington ...

Two boxes will definitely work for that project. Keep MsGF’s list for reference, for future cakes, that is great advice!

MsGF ...

Glad it helped.

Melissa Lamont ...

Thanks for the responses! That definitely helps. I will have to remember that formula for sure.