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I have been asked to donate a cake to a fundraiser to raise $ for a 6 month old who hasbeen hhospitalized for several months. I need ideas for decorating the cake! Please help me!!!

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Why don’t you make a candy-land cake? It could be very colorful with different color lollipops and candies – I would do a 2-3 tier cake so it looks impressive and bring in more money.

I had an opportunity to do something similar for a breast cancer fundraiser but instead of making an actual cake, I made a board with a picture of 3 different types of cakes that I would be willing to make – people bid on the prize and the winner contacted me later in the week to order their cake for later in the month. This worked out better because you will get more people to bid if they know they can order the cake when they need it and not have to take it with them right then and there. Hope this helps.