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I have noticed that some cakes in the Daily Top 15 are listed as having been posted for 23 hours and than disappear and others are on for 24 hours before they are gone. Just wondering why that is.


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miettes ...

Noticed that as well but maybe because of the exact timing of the post itself and maybe if it is close to the top or bottom of the hour? Maybe Michal will let us know :-)

miettes ...

Congrats on reaching the top spot :-)

Ellie1985 ...

Thanks Dina! And yes I figured that they make sure you get a full 24 hours.

donnascakes ...

I have been posting cakes for a few days now. Either my work is lacking or I keep missing the time frame. :-(

donnascakes ...

Do you have to post blogs, recipes, and other stuff to be considered for the top 15 cakes or cake of the day?? I am just curious. Also, what exactly is a blog and what would go into one?? :-)