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I’ve been unable to upload and post new cakes to the site for the last few weeks. Any reason for that??? It’s not my internet connection, as I’m able to upload and download everywhere else. HELP….I’ve got so much to post

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Carina -Sugary Sweet-


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Emily Herrington ...

I’ve had this problem for only a few minutes at a time, but never for more than that. Have you tried a different computer? Maybe check your add-ons and popup blockers and set your preferences to allow all from cakesdecor.com. Computers are weird sometimes :/

Michal Bulla ...

You account is approved an unlocked, which means you should be able to upload pictures. Are you using desktop, laptop or Ipad/iPhone?


Sugary Sweet ...

I’m using a laptop.

Michal Bulla ...

Do you get any Error Message?