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Ships mast.....

Recently made a Jake the pirate ship and the thing I had most trouble with was getting the long mast to stay up straight with the crows nest on it!
The first one I made broke in half after a couple of hours and the second I made a bit thicker but even though I had a dowel rod in it to insert into the cake and used edible glue on the bottom it still tended to lean very slightly! Anyone know how to make it stand straight ? Thanks Bev x

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Jenniffer White ...

Did the dowel rod for the mast go through the cake and into the base cake board/drum? That’s how I would have done it.

Lattie ...

No not through the drum but next time it would be worth a try thank you.

Jenniffer White ...

Sometimes I’ll glue 2 drums together if I need extra stability. I’ll run my dowels through the pencil sharpener to get them sharp first. If you’re using a bigger diameter dowel and a wooden cake board, you can pre drill the dowel and use a deck screw to secure the dowel to the wooden board. In that case, that dowel ain’t going anywhere!!

Lattie ...

Very good tips I really appreciate your help thank you.