air brush machine and cricut machine

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air brush machine and cricut machine

Hi fellow cakers,
Can any one give any advice on what to look out for when buying these machines, and what accessories go with them. Tnx

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Goreti ...

I don’t own an air brush so I couldn’t give you any information on that. As far as the cricut machine, I have one and used it only once. To be honest with you, I am not impressed with it. After one use, the cutting mat already has cuts on it. The actual cut was not very clean. I did find that after letting the fondant dry about 30 minutes it cut a little better but still not perfect. From what I have read in different forums, many people have the same issues with the cricut.

Jenniffer White ...

I LOVE my Cricut Cake, I use it all the time. It does have a learning curve though. This is what I have found works for me. I only cut modeling chocolate and Fondarific, or other “fat-based” fondants (things that firm when you chill them). I find anything cuts better in the Cricut if it has been chilled. As far as the mats go, mine don’t have a smooth section on them anymore. It really doesn’t affect their ability to hold the material. Hope this helps.

Cindy Casper ...

I too have a Cricut Cake, but am confused about setting the pressure and speed. I have tried to find information about those settings to no avail; any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hot Mama's Cakes ...

I have the cricut cake and never really use it.. I converted it into a cricut for paper lol.. My air brush i love.. I purchased a inexpensive air brush kit at Harbor freight for $60 bucks.. it came with a small compressor and a cheap air brush. it clogged after the first time I used it so I bought a Master Airbursh online and works great! As long as you have a good quality air brush and clean it after every use you won’t have any issues..

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

I have a Kopykake airbrush machine – it’s awesome!

Koek Krummels ...

I have a cricut and just lovvvvveeee it?Probably the best tool I own. I use it for almost everything. Works perfectvwith fondant that is ultra thin. I use a pasta machine to get it really thin. Yes, there isva learning curve, but it is all worth it!