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I’ve been asked to do this cake for a weeding, now I’ve made many cakes over the yrs but I’m not sure how this is done! Is it a cutter or a stencil. Can antone help ta

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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

I would link is was a cutter, but you could make your own stencil to help you cut out each shape. To me it looks like each pinched bubble (for lack of a shape name..lol) is individually cut.

Peanuts02 ...

Thanks so much for your reply. i thought it could be a cutter like a circle that was pinched or an oval , or mayb a stencil, but it looked a little thick for a stencil. The other thing im trying to work out is the painting thats done on it. not sure how thats done it looks like , a water wash using gel . any help is greatfull.ust thought I could get some other views as to wat ppl thought. Thanks

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

To me it looks like the pieces were painted with silver and gold dust diluted with some sort of alcohol. Not sure exactly, sometimes it is so hard to tell.