Any tips For decorating a buttercream cake with fondant decorations?

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My twins birthday is this weekend and I was wanting to do a buttercream cake instead of a fondant cake. I’ve always done fondant. Im very nevous about doing a all buttercream cake with fondant decorations. Stepping out of my comfort zone lol Any advice anyone has will definitely be appreciated!

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Xclusive ...

Personally, I prefer to use cut out pieces of gumpaste decorations on buttercream cakes. Its best to allow the buttercrem to set a bit, before gently positioning the gumpaste pieces. Also its the top of the cake, that i usually decorated with the gumpaste pieces and not the sides. Hope this helps!

Jenniffer White ...

As long as the fondant pieces aren’t too heavy, they should stick right to the sides of your buttercream cake. If you use a crusting buttercream, I would attach your fondant pieces before the icing crusts.

Rita's Cakes ...

Thank you so much!!

Jacqulin ...

Be sure to use a fairly stiff buttercream, not too thick consistency but definitely not soft and the gumpaste/fondant pieces will fit just fine.

Rita's Cakes ...

Thank you :)