Which Alan Dunn book?

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If you were to buy/have one Alan Dunn book, which one would you choose?

I’ve read that some books have repeated materials?

Thank you!

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Goreti ...

I have two of his books. I have “Sugarcraft Flower Arranging” and “Tropical & Exotic Flowers for Cakes”. I think it would depend on what flowers you think you will make more often. I would suggest that you check your local library to see if they have his books. Take a look at what’s in each one and then decide. There is one that I really like but I can’t remember which one it was but whenever I want it I just borrow it from the library. By the way, out of the two I have I have made more flowers from the Sugarcraft one. My mother-in-law’s birthday cake was decorated with flowers from that book (most of them without cutter using the templates in the back of the book).

Mirabelle Cake Design ...

That’s actually a great idea (and reminder)- to go to the library and check them all out. Thank you!

by the way, I love the bd cake for your MIL- beautiful flowers/spray and colors (of the flowers and cake).
I bet she loved it.

Goreti ...

Thank you. The cake was a big hit but lots of work. Although I like the challenge of working without cutters, it does take longer. Flowers are my favorite thing to do. By the way, the people at the library already know me. I don’t even have to give them my name. As soon as they see me, they head for the book that I put a hold on because of course the ones I want are usually at another library.