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I’m slightly confused, I was just wondering if you could cover cakes
with sugarpaste. I know you cover with fondant- is it the same thing?
Being in the UK the names differ, It’s so confusing!! Xx



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Goreti ...

I believe that what in the UK is referred to as sugar paste, we in the US refer to it as fondant. I only use homemade Marshmallow fondant. It is much cheaper to make which is important to me since I give my cakes as gifts to my family.

cakealicious77 ...

Oh ok, I thought that in the U.S sugarpaste was the same as gumpaste
I think that’s why I was getting confused !!

Goreti ...

I can certainly understand why. lol

cakealicious77 ...

Thankyou for your replies : )

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

I am almost sure that sugarpaste in the UK is fondant in the US/

cakealicious77 ...

Thanx xx

Yellow Bee Cake Company ...

Sugarpaste and ready to roll fondant are the same thing in the UK. There’s also fondant icing which is the stuff they pour on top of bakewell tarts etc.

cakealicious77 ...

Thanku xx