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Hello my lovely’s, can anyone just help me out a bit??
I am doing a black ruffle rose cake next week and I am
A little worried as to how to get the icing sugar off the fondant so
It looks clean?? Someone mentioned trex..
Next is I have seen on some cakes little diamontes and wondered if they are edible?


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nelle ...

Hi! You can also use little amounts of vodka to get the icing off, also the dimontes can either be bought from cake decor shops or you can use store bought credible diamonds as a lot of wedding cakes use these send just advise your guests to remove them

couturecakesbyrose ...

Hi hun. I do a lot of ruffle decors on my cakes and I only use trex or crisco (white vegetable fat) lightly smeared on my work mat (wipe the excess off) then frill using my cone tool or ball tool depending on the ruffle look that I am after. If you are interested, I can send you a link of two of my ruffling technique video tutorial from you tube or you can look my channel up on you tube (rose warnick)

Karen ...

That would be fantastic thanks for your gelp