How to attatch a fighter jets wings

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I hope anyone can give me some advice.

I’ve made airplanes before but the wings were small an easy to attach to the cake. My problem now is that I have an order for a huge fighter jet plane and the wings are huge.

How on earth can I attach the wings if I made it of fondant. Any idea is welcome? I do not want it to be too heavy?

Thanks a million!

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Happy ...

Since I don’t know the exact scale of the cake you’re talking about I don’t know if this would work. What if you run a dowel all the way through the cake where your wings would go, and then slide your wings onto the dowel? The weight would be evenly spread across the middle of the cake and should have no problem holding up.

Koek Krummels ...

Thank you so much for replying! That is a great idea. I will probably need to make the wings thicker or could even let them come out of the cake under the wings to support it. Will have to plan and try it out!

Happy ...

Depending on how big you’re talking about and how heavy the wings actually are, you may want to support the dowel underneath as well so that it’s resting on something inside the cake and doesn’t get pushed down. Just another thought :) Good luck! Love to see it when you’re done!

Koek Krummels ...

Eish, now Im afraid, very afraid! Will post it early May! Thanks for helping out.