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Hello all. Have been lurking for a while but was hoping some UK home bakers might be able to give some advice regarding having my kitchen passed by the EHO. It’s perfectly clean, obviously, but has anyone experienced any pitfalls I need to look out for or have any hints for me to try and achieve a 5 star rating? I have got my level 2 food safety. I’m gradually starting to sell my cakes and am trying to get everything in order!

Thanks in advance.

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Mel, Yorkshire, http://www.facebook.com/doncastercustomcakery


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CakeXcellence ...

Hi Mellie
Have you contacted your local EHO yet? When I started out I contacted them and they were really helpful. They asked me a few questions about my kitchen and sent me a form to fill in to register. After I had not heard for a while I called to see when the inspection would take place and was informed that as I am a low risk business and therefore they are unlikely to come out. I know though that every council works differently and that there are many cake decorators out there who had their kitchen inspected.
My council wanted to know that I had a proper recording system of stock in place, a cleaning schedule and they I stored all food according to food& hygiene regulations. If you contact the Food Standard Agency they have a pack, which has all the forms in and which is free. I use that one and fill it all in.

I hope this helps a bit at least. I know it is confusing as every council does their own different thing, which I why I found speaking to my EHO directly very helpful.

Have a great day and happy baking.

Judith x

The Custom Cakery ...

Hi Judith. Thank you so much for replying. I have emailed and had no response so printed off the form about new food businesses and have that ready to send. Maybe I would be better to phone them first. I will definitely contact the food standard agency, I was wondering about how best to keep records.

Thanks once again, that’s a great help.