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Hi, I’ve been asked to make a wedding cake in August, I have one slight concern. The bottom tier is a round 12" and needs to be stenciled with a damask style. I’m a bit worried how on earth I’m going to make it meet as I know I won’t get a stencil that big. Has anyone else stenciled a damask on a round cake, and if so, how did you get the pattern to match up completely at the end. Hope that made sense. Thanks, Cheryll.

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Jenniffer White ...

No one else has answered, so I’ll chime in to say I’ve never had one match up perfectly in the back.

Cheryll ...

Thank you for replying, I’ve been really worried about this and no one seems to want to answer lol. I didn’t think it would match up, I just wanted to be completely sure I wasn’t messing it up as I haven’t done it before xx