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Hi all Decorators

Help needed, I have been asked to make a latte cake in the form of a tall glass that is thinner at the bottom. Originally chocolate biscuit which would have been fine. However it has been changed to sponge and I have never done a cake that thin that has to have a thinner bottom and wider top and have some height. Any help would be appreciated, should it be ok if I cake card on way up and dowel all the way through. Thanks all.

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Niska ...

Please post a pic when you’ve finished it! Can’t wait to see,! I’ve only just started baking so can’t give u advice! But will be reading other people’s thoughts on it and hope they can help u x

lottie ...

Thanks Niska check out my page if you like its lotties cake world, let me know what you think.x

Niska ...

Have just liked your Facebook page! Great cakes