Why is always so hard to find the Quarterly Cake Contest page?!

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I can never find a direct link to the current Quarterly Cake contest area. I usually end up having to google it and its always a pain. Could some tell me how to find the current contest (not awards) from the home screen?

Thank you most kindly,



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Michal Bulla ...

Hi Amanda,

We use to have 3 types of competitions on CakesDecor:

1. Quarterly Awards – you can find the link on the top(Awards) and there is also a countdown located on the top of the home page If there is currently running one. Next Awards will start on April 1st
2. Facebook giveaways – we launch them from time to time. There is an album on our facebook called Giveaways where you can find previous giveaways.
3. Contests – we launch them from time to time. I’m the one who always announce them, so feel free to check my Blog Entries for previous contests.

Usually, there is a banner on home page referring to the contest.

Here you can find the current contest.

Amanda ...

Thank you That helps so much! I love the contests and they are biggest reason I signed up! :-)