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Hi everyone….I have seen many cakes with black stenciling on them, my question is: How do you get black royal icing? Because mine never looks BLACK, it looks more like dark grey. Do you use regular black food coloring gels? I need to stencil a cake with black next month so I need to know how to get that BLACK color, please help!

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Rosita, Florida,


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Cherry's Cupcakes ...

I always use sugarflair extra black, but even then it still looks dark grey in the bowl. Try to get it as dark as you can, and then when it dries on your cake, the colour develops a little more and will look black against your background colour. :)

Xclusive ...

I agree, sugarflair black extra will do the trick.

Elyse Rosati ...

I always make mine the day before and leave it sit over night and the color will deepen.